Research on

Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology
BFH, Copenhagen, Denmark


Clinical pharmacology is the scientific discipline that involves all aspects of the relationship between drugs and human beings. The main aim of clinical pharmacology in the health care system is to promote the rational, safe and economic use of drugs.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology is also responsible for basic education in clinical pharmacology and pharmacy practice, as well as specialist training in clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.


The Danish civil registration register (CPR register) is a goldmine for health research.

Danish registers contain information on many important health and social issues. Because all Danish citizens have a unique
personal identification number, linkage at the individual level between these nationwide registers and other data sources is
possible. In Department of Clinical Pharmacology we are first in class for using this opportunity.


We investigate into patient data to clinical conjectures or make new discoveries about patient populations. Our team investigate and study the relatively frequent adverse drug reactions that are predictable and understandable
on the basis of the mode of action of the drug. Another area is the evaluation of biomarkers as
measures of drug action in clinical trials.


By our research we allow physicians to show patients results, to motivate behavior change. We offer a useful follow-up on medication review on polypharmacy, high risk patient. The collection of information and clinical review of medical records by our physician advisors, Medication safety in high-risk situations, Medication safety in polypharmacy, and Medication safety in transitions of care.